Automattic | Remote | Full-time | Senior Systems Engineer (Systems Wrangler)


Automattic | Remote | Full-time | Senior Systems Engineer (Systems Wrangler)

pay: $110-$210k+

We’re looking for the world’s best systems engineers to help build and maintain the infrastructure that supports over a billion people each month across our entire line of products and services such as, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Tumblr,, Day One, Pocket Casts and many more.

Here are the goals of the team that you would join:

* Remove as much friction as possible between Automattic developers and their goal of shipping software. When there are questions, we can provide answers in a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds.

* Make Automattic services as fast as possible through optimization of server-side and client-side interactions.

* Maximize the availability and uptime of all services through proactive planning, sound architectural decisions, and rapid response to failures.

* Ensure our services are safe and secure for both our users and employees through a combination of proactive monitoring and enforcement, real-time response, and ensuring data integrity/backups to allow recovery from disasters.

* Share our code, experience, and knowledge, both internally and externally whenever possible. Internally, this is usually accomplished via Slack, IRC, internal blogs, and code reviews. Externally, we try to blog publicly, speak at conferences, contribute to open source software, and release our own software under an open source license.

* Control costs through careful selection of technology partners and prudent negotiations of pricing and contracts. We work with 3rd party services where it makes sense, but always look at the big picture and value control and performance over cost.

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Company Name: Automattic