WordPress Developer

To be considered for this role, please provide the following:
• Three examples of client work relevant to professional web development.
• Detail on your educational, work, and creative background.
• Confirmation that you respect and will uphold Quire values.


At Quire, we are builders and innovators.

Quire is a strategic advisor to some of the world’s leading corporations, investors, and entrepreneurs building the future of the technology, media, and consumer sectors.

Our work focuses on two strategic areas.
A. Innovation & Growth: Our innovation and growth teams build strategic plans to support revenue and market share growth, including relevant financial and valuation analysis. Innovation & Growth clients seek ways to grow much faster, achieve deeper competitive differentiation, and demand a clearer sense of potential exit valuations.
B. Restructuring: Our restructuring teams eliminate costs, build new strategies, and support repositioning or relaunch. Restructuring clients typically have failed to achieve strategic plans and goals, and, often, have limited capital and time to build and execute a new strategic and financial plan.

Our projects are all highly structured and use teams made up of remote consultants that are domain experts. Consultants are compensated based on expertise and experience. Quire pays a premium of 25% – 40% above market on average to ensure the best talent.

Quire’s clients are highly sophisticated and demand excellence.

To ensure we are always raising our standards, Quire maintains values that define our work and culture.
• Exceptional Quality. We strive in all instances to contribute ideas, recommendations, and work product that is of exceptional quality. Quire’s standard is often higher than both that of our clients and the market.
• Focus on Client Value. Our strategic solutions must deliver clear, quantifiable value to clients. We achieve this through how we connect innovative strategic ideas with world class financial and valuation analysis.
• Creative Scarcity. Quire deeply values creativity and appreciates its scarcity. We maintain space to nurture creativity and are constantly pursuing ways to apply new creative solutions and technologies to solve problems and build new products and forms of content.

All new consultants who hope to work with Quire must provide information on how your prior work, key skills, and values align with Quire’s requirements.

All compensation is marked-to-market using third party salary and contractor platforms and we pay a premium for excellence and creativity.

WordPress Developer:

Quire is looking for a creative and driven individual who is an expert in WordPress and can help us update elements of our website. As a WordPress Developer, you will be responsible for elevating the functionality and overall quality of Quire’s website.

We will highly compensate an individual who is creatively pushing the boundaries of UI/UX design on WordPress and can work effectively with Quire’s team.

Hourly Rate: Minimum rate of $40 hr. All compensation is marked-to-market using third party salary and contractor platforms. If you are more creative or efficient than average, Quire will pay a material premium to market rates.

• At least five (5) years of professional experience as a Web Developer strongly focused on WordPress design.
• MUST have deep expertise in WordPress themes, templates, and plugin customization.
• Must have a solid understanding of front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and experience with responsive design for cross-browser compatibility.
• Excellent problem-solving and debugging skills, with a focus on delivering high-quality work to clients.

Key Responsibilities:
• Update select areas of Quire’s website.
• Follow instructions and meet expected timelines.
• Adhere to Quire’s brand guidelines.
• Contributing to best practices, including assuring all instructions/directions are met, deadlines are kept, information is shared, and quality controls are met.
• Working within a corporate, service-oriented, structured environment with the ability to work with a sense of urgency, pivot, and multi-task as needed.
• Communicating well, proactively sharing, and seeking, information.
• Adhering to tight project deadlines and swift turnarounds.

You will be working as a contractor, not an employee. The work is highly complex, fast-paced, and requires the utmost skill and professionalism. This position is remote, with no travel required.
Quire is an Equal Opportunity Contractor committed to a diversified and inclusive workforce. We value you, your skills, and your ability to contribute to our clients over any other factors.

Contact Email: hiring@thequire.com
Company Name: The Quire
Company site: https://thequire.com