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How to Evaluate WordPress Freelancers and What to Look for

In the fast-paced world of web development, accurately assessing the performance of WordPress developers is crucial. This evaluation is not just about technical skills but also about how these professionals approach their work. Understanding the key performance indicators (KPIs) for a successful WordPress developer can significantly impact the outcome of your projects, ensuring efficiency, quality, and innovation.

Understanding the Task Before Starting the work

An essential attribute of a proficient WordPress Freelancer is their ability to read the task description and thoroughly understand it before starting their work. This involves carefully reviewing the project requirements, including the text, expected outcomes, videos and any relevant files. Freelancers who pay attention to those details will provide better value and reduce the back and forth communication with the client.

Self-Testing Before QA/Review 

It’s important for the WordPress Freelancer to take the quality of their work seriously. It’s important for them to test their work well before the task is moved to the internal test/QA stage.  This proactive approach of identifying and resolving issues not only saves time but also demonstrates a high level of professionalism and responsibility. 

Analyzing Bugs and Fixes in Features

If you’re working with a WordPress Developer the evaluation criteria would be if the code does what it was designed to do. It could also be the number and severity of the glitches in their code, however, it’s crucial to categorize features based on their complexity – small, medium, and large – to ensure a fair assessment. This approach offers insights into the developer’s problem-solving skills and attention to detail.

It is important to set the expectations that whoever is working on the project is also beta testing it and should be reporting any glitches they might find. We have a client who is exceptionally good at finding bugs – so much so that it can be both amazing and slightly embarrassing for our team. Their attention to detail makes us craft a good product. This is a nice reminder that perfection is a journey, and client involvement is a key part of that journey.

Do you have WordPress Staging site? that’s a password protected site where the whole team and the client can see any updates and progress. If you don’t have one you can quickly create one on or

Adherence to Project Timelines

Timely delivery is a critical component of a developer’s performance. Assessing their ability to adhere to project timelines without compromising on quality reflects their efficiency and time management skills. It also indicates their capability to work under pressure and manage unforeseen challenges. 

Effective Communication and Collaboration

A freelancer’s ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients is as important as their technical skills. Assess how they articulate technical concepts, provide updates, and collaborate with others to solve problems. Good communication fosters a collaborative environment and ensures that everyone is aligned with the project goals. If an unexpected issue pops up the developer should communicate with the client or with their manager about the unexpected delay so the client can be notified and an extension granted or the feature can be turned off temporarily until the issue is resolved.

Adaptability and Continuous Learning

The tech world is ever-evolving, and so should be the skill set of a WordPress freelancer. Evaluate their willingness to learn new technologies and adapt to changing project requirements. A freelancer who is open to learning, accepts and shares feedback and is adapting is an asset to the team.

Client follow up & internal review

It’s important for the business to check with the client after the project is done.

This is important because everybody on the team can improve their approach.
This could be how the project scope was handled, how the communication was done, how the project documents were organized and so on.

You can check with the client and ask how happy you were with our services?
or do you have it down to several questions on happiness with Copywriter, Design Team, Development Team, Etc.

It’s also important to check with whoever was involved in the project to ask them what we did well and what we should do differently the next time.

Evaluating WordPress freelancers extends beyond their technical expertise. It encompasses their approach to work, problem-solving abilities, and their collaborative and adaptive nature. By focusing on these important key metrics/KPIs, you can ensure that you are partnering with freelancers who are not just skilled but also aligned with your company’s vision and values.

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